For the WWII and Warbird enthusiast the Mid Atlantic Air Museum's WWII Weekend is always a great place to visit to soak up the aircraft, re-enactor displays, vendors and just meet with your friends. This year featured the Commemorative Air Force's B-29 "Fifi" that was in attendance for the first time in many years. There was constant action by the B-29 as it had 15 take off and landings to watch over the three days of the event as it was giving rides besides the two it did for the air show flying and Saturday and Sunday. Also joining "Fifi" in giving rides were the CAF's SBD, P-51 and Helldiver, along with Larry Kelly's B-25 Panchito and The Yankee Air Force's B-17 "Yankee Lady" What this met for the Warbird enthusiast is that during the day there was always warbirds starting up, taxiing out, taking off, landing and then returning to the ramp. So there was plenty of warbird action outside of the actual afternoon airshow. On Friday there was a short show that included several aerobatic routines that included the Corsair, Spitfire and Mustang. The Saturday and Sunday shows included trainers and bombers along with the fighters. And making what was probably its first public appearance at WWII Weekend was the C-46 Commando "The Tinker Belle" which was formerly operated by the CAF in Oklahoma and Southern California and is now owned and operated by Warriors and Warbirds from Monroe, NC. We hope to see more of this rare aircraft again at WWII Weekend other shows on the east coast.