The story of Mid-Atlantic Aviation is not just the story of airplanes, but of ideas. It is also a story of productivity, perseverance, patriotism, and above all, the people that made these ideas a reality. The story of Mid-Atlantic Aviation begins with people. From the first manned balloon flight in Philadelphia in the 18th century, to the space age, Mid-Atlantic Aviation is the story of men and women, such as... The Manufacturers... William Piper, Sherman Fairchild, Giuseppe Bellanca, and Glenn Martin Pioneers of Commercial Aviation... Clifford Ball, Eddie Rickenbacker, and Harold Pitcairn Innovators and Leaders... Carl Spaatz, Billy Mitchell, Willard Custer, and Dr. George Spratt Aviation's heroes are not limited to the inventors, pioneers, pilots, and manufacturers, but also include the thousands of Mid-Atlantic residents touched by, and a part of, aviation history.