About Tom's WarBirds.com
Tom's Warbirds.com is a site dedicated to those who love and admire WWII warbirds, fighers, bombers and classic / vintage automobiles. Most of the site is photographic collections of past and present local airshows (and carshows). Recently we have added you-tube WWII footage and public domain movies such as '30 Seconds over Tokyo', 'The Right Stuff' (NASA Mercury program), 'Sink the Bismark', 26 episodes of 'Victory at Sea' which aired in the 1950's.

Tom's WarBirds.com is a Linux Piwigo.org project and is frequently updated. Recommendations / Comments are welcomed -- [Click here]

In 2006 the leagcy system started out as Adobe Lightroom Web collections hosted on local ISP servers but after a year this became obsolete due to lack of space and maintenance.

2007 saw the leagcy system move to 1and1.com and after a year this platform became to hard to maintain. In 2008 we searched the web and found two free database projects called Gallery3 and Piwigo. After comparing enhancements, G3 seemed like the logical choice so we built on our linux and MySql platforms. This system was operational from 2008 until later in 2014 when support for G3 expired. At this point we hosted Piwigo on our existing linux platform under a new domain and database, tomswarbirds.com.


Future Plans
There are many plans in the works for this site most notably moving to Wordpress platform. We will also start captioning / keywording all the gallery photos for easy search of aircraft and cars. Other enhancements include: technical library, more WWII footage, NASA updates, around the web WWII and NASA news feeds (RSS) and possibly a blog.

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