THE FATE OF EUROPE Black Sea, south of France, surrender Release Date: April 5th, 1953 ... (Episode #22) The Russian navy finally goes on the offensive in the Black Sea after 3 years of defeats and defense of the Mother Russia. In early May 1944, the Black Sea Fleet of the Red Navy moves into position to retake the port city of Sevastopol. The German Luftwaffe tries in vain to thwart the attack, but is forced to retreat. On May 9th, the city is finally liberated. In the aftermath of battle, the German SS Corps murder and plunder the Russian people on their trek back to Germany. In the west, Operation Anvil is put forth in motion as hundreds of Allied ships, set sail for the coast of southern France. Seven French divisions under command of General De Gaulle lead the invasion forces. Their first objective is to land and seize the port cities of Marseilles and Toulon. This will allow the Allied armies to unload thousands of troops, tanks, other vehicles and supplies. They are then ordered to fight their way through the French countryside and connect with the Normandy forces and drive back the Nazis back across the Rhine and into Germany. Paris is liberated on August 25, 1944. Allied leaders meanwhile, meet in secrecy in Yalta to formulate post-war plans and the formation of the international body that will become the United Nations. In March 1945, the Allied assault finally crosses the Rhine River and eventually forces the Third Reich into total surrender. Just before the end, Hitler commits suicide. The end comes in May of 1945 as Germany surrenders and new world order is born.