FULL FATHOM FIVE U.S. submarines, 1941-1945 Release Date: March 29, 1953 ... (Episode #21) The story of the U.S. submarine force and its activity in the Pacific Ocean is told in this episode called Full Fathom Five. The goal of the American Secret Service was to sink as many Japanese merchant ships as possible during their trolling throughout the Pacific. Sink the ships that carry the raw materials back the to the Imperial Empire of Japan (oil, gas, iron ore, rubber, ect.) to help feed the war machine. 4-5 new American submarines reach Pearl harbor every month. Her crews undergo extensive training and maneuvers before their arrival in Hawaii. Admiral Lockwood, commander of the submarine forces in the Pacific realizes that use of American subs in a coordinated Allied wolf packs and also single vessels will help bring the war to a close much faster. These underwater ships with names like Thrasher, Tang, Barb and Silversides help sink tens of thousands of enemy shipping all over the Pacific. Besides torpedoing the Japanese Fleet, the U.S. Submarine Force is also responsible for carrying out other secret and hazardous missions: mining enemy waters, photographing enemy shorelines for invasion, rescue operations of downed pilots and many other military operations. The American submarine motto read, Find Them. Chase Them. Sink them. In the wars end, some 1,392 Japanese ships are sunk with over 6 millions of tonnage, including tankers, freighters, cargo ships and many types of war ships. The American submarine force helps sink the Japanese empire. Fifty-two U.S. submarines never return. But for those that did return, their citation reads, Well Done.