RETURN OF THE ALLIES Liberation of the Philippines Release Date: March 22, 1953 ... (Episode #20) After the tremendous and complete naval victory in Leyte Gulf, it was time for the American forces headed by General Douglas MacArthur to land in the southern Philippines. It was MacArthur who said, "I Shall Return", after he was forced to leave the Philippines and his army to Japanese in December of 1941. In late October 1944, the American GI's finally landed in full force. Through the Filipino archipelago, through 7,000 islands, through jungles and swamps, the Allies marched north towards Manilla and the liberation of the island country. The Japanese tried to strike back by attacking the landing forces and ships with the Kamikaze airplanes. Once the Americans landed on the main island of Luzon in January 1945, it was a 100-mile march to Manilla. In Manilla, the 3rd US Army had to fight street to street and building to building to vanquish the Japanese. The enemy was doomed when their naval forces failed in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. The people of the Philippines finally got their freedom after 2 1/2years of tyranny rule from the Imperial empire. The end is now in sight as the Americans will next land on Iwo Jima in the coming months.