TWO IF BY SEA Pelelui and Angaur Release Date: March 8, 1953 ... (Episode #18) In September of 1944, the Island Hopping campaign continued on in to the chain of islands known as Palau. The American forces led by the Marines attacked both Peleliu and Angaur on the way towards the liberation of the Philippines. Peleliu was supposed to be a quick victory for the Americans as they landed on the tiny island on September 14th. Strong dug-in Japanese forces gave the Americans all they could handle as they would die almost to the final man. In the end, the Americans would clear the islands of all Japanese personnel as over 10,000 Jap soldiers would lose their lives in the impossible task of defending the islands. Peleliu and Angaur are just two more islands that the Americans had to take in order to help liberate the people of the Philippines. Even a small convoy of 13 naval boats and barges could not stop the Americans as the Japanese tried to reinforce their troops. Thanks to both the 81st Infantry Division and the 1st Marine Division, victory was won in both Peleliu and Angaur.