D-DAY Invasion On Normandy Release Date: February 15, 1953 ... (Episode #15) June 6, 1944 is the day that will live on in world history as the day when the Allied armies led by Great Britain, Canada and the United States landed at Normandy with hundreds of thousands of troops and millions of tons of supplies, vehicles and weapons. It will forever be remembered in history as the day the Allied countries started the beginning of the end of the war against the Nazis as a power in Europe and the day that started the liberation of France. With Dwight D. Eisenhower as the Supreme Commander of all Allied military, he helped plan this great operation for over a year. "Operation Overlord" was a complete success as the German armies were pushed off the beaches of Normandy and forced to retreat all the way across the Rhine and back to Germany. The European theater of World War II was coming to an end and would officially end with the total surrender of Germany in the spring of 1945, less than one year after D-Day invasion.