ROMAN RENAISSANCE Sicily and the Italian campaign Release Date: February 8, 1953 ... (Episode #14) As Italian resistance weakened, Hitler turned Italy from an Axis partner into a German satellite state directly under the Fuhrer's power. In the meantime, General Eisenhower planned the Allies next move to invade Sicily using Patton and Montgomery as the leaders of this attack. This campaign did not last long and the the Italian fleet surrendered their ships at Malta. The Allies finally landed on the main European continent near Salerno on September 3, 1943 and proceeded towards Naples. The battle lasted 3 deadly months, but eventually 30,000 German troops finally surrendered after heavy fighting. The Allies then landed another invasion at Anzio on the way to Rome, which was finally in Allied hands in January of 1944. Italy was liberated and Mussolini was hanged by his own people and the people of Italy rejoiced as freedom finally arrived.