MELANESIAN NIGHTMARE The New Guinea Campaign Release Date: February 1, 1953 ... (Episode #13) With the early successes of Pearl Harbor, Singapore, the Philippines and the many other island takeovers, the Japanese next wanted to conquer Australia and thus would have virtual total control of the Pacific Ocean. The island of New Guinea and the port of Port Moresby stood in their path. The Japanese navy landed troops on the northern shore from the Bismarck Sea and the Japanese army would have to trek across the Owen Stanley Mountains to have success and hopefully a surprise attack would force the allies from the island. The allies led by the Australians and the Americans had other ideas and stopped the Japanese only 30 miles from the southern port city. Thus ended any hopes for the Japanese Empire to incorporate the island nation of Australia. The allies would in fact go on their own island hopping campaign forcing the Japanese back to Tokyo and ultimate allied victory.