THE MAGNETIC NORTH War from Murmansk to Alaska Release Date: January 18, 1953 ... (Episode #11) In the Magnetic North, the Germans and Japanese both try to attack the Allies in the farthest reaches of the Northern Hemisphere. First, the Germans attempt to destroy the convoys which are headed to Murmansk. The Germans are desperate to stop the supplies from reaching Russia. As the convoys enter the North Sea, the Luftwaffe is there to meet them with plenty of bombs. The German Navy hides in the Norweigian fjords and come out to surprise the convoys and still more bombings on the ships that still survive for the final leg into Russia. In the second part of the video, the Japanese surprise the Americans with the invasion and capture of Attu. But forces from Dutch Harbor reorganize and an amphibious raids land on the tiny island as the Marines eventually eliminate the Japanese invaders.