GUADALCANAL Guadalcanal Release Date: December 14, 1952 ... (Episode #6) As the United States prepares for war in the Pacific against the empire of Japan, the U.S. Navy organizes convoys full of supplies and Marines, all to be sent to New Zealand. After the U.S. Navy's successes in both the Coral Sea and at Midway a search plane takes a photo of an airfield being built by the Japanese on the island of Guadalcanal. Admiral Nimitz decides to land the Marines there in their first real action of the war. The battle will last months as many Americans lose their lives to both war and disease. But in the end, it is the Americans who prevail and use the airfield, now called Henderson Field to wreck havoc on the Japanese soldiers and sailors. The United States stops Japan dead in it's tracks and thwarts any hopes of a Japanese invasion of Australia. Now it's the Americans who will go on the offensive.