MEDITERRANEAN MOSAIC Gilbraltar, Allied & enemy fleets, Malta Release Date: November 30, 1952 ... (Episode #5) In this episode, Hitler and Mussolini go over strategies in defeating the Allies in the Mediterranean Sea. The Italian Navy builds itself up as the French and British Navies try to protect all the Allied ships. The British must maintain the Rock of Gilbraltar to help ensure the safe passage of all Allied shipping in and out of the Mediterranean. The Royal Navy must also prevent the German Navy passage into the Sea including U-Boats. But perhaps, the most important bastion is the island of Malta, which the British must protect at all costs. The Maltese endure over 1,700 air raids by the Luftwaffe and with the help of the Royal Air Force help keep the Mediterranean free from the Axis powers and eventually triumph in this battle for freedom. Malta became just another step towards Allied victory during World War II.